What is this?

The Z PL/SQL Analyzer (or simply ZPA) is a code analyzer for PL/SQL and Oracle SQL code.

You can use it in SonarQube 6.7.x and newer. SonarQube is an open platform to manage code quality.


  • Bug detection

    More than 50 rules to detect bugs and code smells in Oracle SQL, PL/SQL and Oracle Forms code.

  • Metrics

    It feeds SonarQube with many metrics about your code (size, complexity, duplications, etc.).

  • Extensibility

    You can use the full power of the parser to create your own coding rules.


Detect duplicated implementations in the same IF structure.


Check for incorrect comparisions with '' and NULL.


Find incorrect references to Oracle Forms objects and avoid "Cannot find <object>: Invalid ID" exceptions in runtime.


Coming next

zpa-cli is a command-line interface to Z PL/SQL Analyzer. It allows you to run all the checks without a SonarQube installation. Read more.

zpa-forms-extractor extracts the source code from Oracle Forms modules to execute an analysis. It supports Oracle Forms 6i and later (up to 12c).